The Treehouse provides new Brand Ambassadors with many resources to help them succeed, but one of the best resources they have is YOU, their sponsor. As a sponsor we highly recommend: 

  1. Adding your new team member to your Team Facebook group page. If you don't yet have a team page then consider adding them to your sponsors team page. Be sure to introduce your new team member to everyone in the group. 
  2. Directing your new team member to take the New Brand Ambassador training series in the Treehouse Training Center, which can be located at 
  3. Ensuring your new team member knows all about the Dashing Start program which is specifically designed to motivate new Brand Ambassadors to engage in sales and sponsoring activities in their first 60 days with Red Aspen. 
  4. Helping your new team member create and set up their launch pop up, then showing them how to promote their new business and pop up with marketing assets available at