The Treehouse Leaderboard

Tune into the Treehouse meeting each week on the Brand Ambassador Facebook Group to get an update on month-to-date leaderboard standings. The leaderboard tracks the following categories:

  1. Sales Ace: the top PV sales for the month
  2. Sponsoring Devotee: the sponsor that enrolls the most* Brand Ambassadors that also go active in the month
  3. Pop Up Maven: the largest pop up for the month

The top three individuals in each category will be recognized on the Blog and Brand Ambassador Facebook Group, and the top individuals in the sales and sponsoring categories will be sent a gift from the Treehouse. 

*If there is a tie in the sponsoring category, the tie breaker will be determined by sales.

Monthly Sales Recognition

On the first day of the month the Treehouse will post a list of individuals that earned one of the three following sales titles to the Blog and the Brand Ambassador group page.

  1. Sales Leader
  2.  Sales Manager
  3. Sales Executive